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Latest public messages from OYVAX

OYVAX General
by bdge at Wed Jan 17 19:19:22 2007
This goes back a bit. --

Re: tum te tum
by jezza at Fri Feb 24 17:20:01 2006
Gosh. I just heard a coyote howl. Regards, Jerry

Picasso's Unknown Masterpiece - Discussion
*** NOTE - this forum has moved, please read ***
by admin at Sun Jan 18 18:31:35 2004
This forum has moved to: http://community.novacaster.com/index.pl?section=27&n=5007 Please post any new messages there. Thanks S. OYVAX Admin

Imformation on the 1937 Paris Exhibition
Re: Information needed
by Simon Banton at Wed Oct 22 09:28:22 2003
This link should help: http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&ie=ISO-8859-1&q=%221937+Paris+Exhibition%22&btnG=Google+Search Regards S. OYVAX Admin

web.org.uk comments
Re: Hello Simon
by Simon Banton at Tue Aug 26 17:35:45 2003
Hi Pauline :-) You should drop me a line - anything [at] web.org.uk will reach me Cheers S. OYVAX Admin

News and discoveries
Calculating The Megalithic Yard
by thoth at Thu Jul 17 12:38:01 2003
In The Book of Hiram, authors Christopher Knight and Robert Lomas propose a method by which ancient engineers may have calculated the Megalithic Yard. As you may know, this unit of length measurement was discovered by Professor Alexander Thom when he surveyed over a thousand megalithic structures across Northern Europe. It is the lowest whole number unit of measurement used in all of them, the reasoning being that engineering tasks are easier to accomplish using multiples of who...

Email Litterbugs
by Simon Banton at Wed Mar 12 14:58:42 2003
{rant on} Sure, it's *fine* for you not to bother tidying up after yourself. So what if a sysadmin has to deal with the bounces when your HotMail/Yahoo/AOL account is unreachable, or over quota, or you didn't use it for 3 months so it's been closed down? It's not like it's affecting *you* is it? No, really, it's no trouble at all - hey, it's what I enjoy doing. Nothing better to do on a Saturday or Sunday morning than going through this week's notifications from systems that emit rando...

Second Quantisation
Re: Quantum::Superpositions
by hugo at Fri Feb 7 02:34:42 2003
These are now called "junctions", and will be an integral part of perl6. I believe Damian has written a "Perl6::Junctions" module for boring old perl5 users. Hugo

Piezo-electricity (thinking out loud)
by Simon Banton at Mon Jan 27 13:11:56 2003
Just wanted somewhere to link the multiple tons of granite + mica + resonance concepts together. Suppose you built something that acted as a piezo-electric cell (ie squeeze it = charge generated). Assume you made it enormously large, out of quartz (or quartz-rich rock) + mica sheet (mica being a favorite insulator for capacitors). Is the kind of resonance achievable in stone chambers by 'intoning' human voices sufficient to vibrate the piezo-electric materials to the point o...

ipchains iptables 2.4 Linux Netfilter
by Simon Banton at Fri Jan 24 21:18:53 2003
Many places say, when you want to enable ipchains instead of iptables on a 2.4.2 kernel: "In kernels 2.4.0 and later you should select this option instead: Networking options ---> [*] Network packet filtering (replaces ipchains) IP: Netfilter Configuration ---> ... what they don't say is that the IP: Netfilter Configuration option springs into existence halfway down the page when you enable the option "Network packet filtering (replaces ipchains...

Myth and Legend
Identity of the 'Bright Star of Evening' in the Skidi-Pawnee Creation Myth
by Simon Banton at Mon Jan 13 22:45:58 2003
From Appendix 15 of Hamlet's Mill: A very strange and apparently stone-old story is told by the Skidi-Pawnee about the end and the beginning of the world. "Various portents will precede : the Moon will turn red and the Sun will die in the skies. The North Star is the power which is to preside at the end of all things, as the Bright Star of Evening was the ruler when life began. The Morning Star, the messenger of heaven, which revealed the mysteries of fate to the...

Ancient Language
Update - Amenhotep III's stela
by mhillson at Thu Nov 7 17:25:15 2002
It seems the inscription of Amenhotep III is still extant as Merneptah put his inscription on the back of the stela, which had had a checkered history, being defaced by Amenhotep IV (Akhenaten) then restored by Seti I. The original text was a semi-poetical inventory of A III's various building projects. Seems he was a bit of a builder. Anyway, it didn't mention foreign exploits or peoples of any variety, so a dead end on that front. <hr> These are my opinions and mine alon...

Welcome, new users!
Re: Does anyone read this forum? ...
by mhillson at Thu Oct 31 15:19:13 2002
Are we the only ones in here? I must get out more. No: I must finish this system test, then I can get out ... <hr> These are my opinions and mine alone (or so the voice tells me)

You couldn't make it up
UK Govt Plans 'spy in the sky' for motorists
by Simon Banton at Tue Feb 26 19:09:06 2002
Tony Blair's UK Govt has proposed making it a requirement for all motorists to install a device that uses GPS to track their movements, and to bill them 'congestion charges' for the areas of the country they drive into or the roads they drive along. This idea is completely unworkable for any number of reasons. Can you think of any for yourselves? S. OYVAX Admin

E-commerce to watch
get the latest news...
by boldingl at Wed Jun 20 16:41:58 2001
for all of those that didn't know, a good place for this kind of thing is... www.fuckedcompany.com and www.luckedcompany.com

Well I never...
Disclosure Project Webcast
by Simon Banton at Sat May 12 13:55:55 2001
http://www.connectlive.com/events/disclosureproject/ "On Wednesday, May 9th, over twenty military, intelligence, government, corporate and scientific witnesses came forward at the National Press Club in Washington, DC to establish the reality of UFOs or extraterrestrial vehicles, extraterrestrial life forms, and resulting advanced energy and propulsion technologies. The weight of this first-hand testimony, ...

Re: First new post
by gmulholland at Mon Feb 5 15:10:45 2001
Well, it appears to have worked. Graham. nb Peer Gynt

Large computer
by gordo at Thu Jan 11 11:54:23 2001
I have a large super-mini running BSD 4.1 dating from 1985 (HLH Orion). Any offers? Gordo

web.djedankhra.com comments
Re: Welcome
by Simon Banton at Fri Nov 3 09:49:53 2000
Are you familiar with Dan LaRochelle's work on the Djed? See http://members.nbci.com/hameltech/ S. OYVAX Admin

Quantum Relativity
Re: Higgs Boson found in Tim Berner's Lee backyard!
by Treatid at Fri Oct 13 21:35:13 2000
It is potentially quite exciting for physics generally. A certain amount of caution is in order. The timing of the announcement (just before the existing collider is dismantled) is 'interesting'. It is possible the people involved are just a little more anxious than normal to find a positive result (this only requires misinterpretation of a result which is extremely easy to do - I'm not suggesting that anything more than the potential for over-eagerness). The other question is that...

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